„Damn, you are a good cook, woman.” (from „Fifty shades of Grey”)

And so today I went to the Chinese steamed  dumpligs’ bar called „Totu” here in Warsaw.

And the Chinese lady, who makes the dumplings, does really know her job.

„Damn, you are a good cook, woman.” I wanted to tell her as I just finished reading „Fifty Shades…” trilogy & like this phrase taken from the book.

These are definately the best Chinese steamed dumplings & buns in Warsaw. Believe me.

How about Fifty shades trilogy that everyone is talking about?

Is there anyone going o tell E.L. James: „Damn, you are a good writer, woman.”?

Well… I enjoyed dialogues in the book, but the descriptions in between were all quite the same and not that thrillingly written.

I agree with Emma Perry ( a freelance writer from Osaka), who wrote

„However, what I think the literary world doesn’t account for is how much weight an idea can carry. Who cares if authors aren’t writing with correct prose or in a poetic manner, they’ve come up with an idea that intrigues millions and millions of people and through that, they have touched the world somehow.
Perhaps the fact that it is written more simply makes it easier for the masses to swallow – but that’s a whole different argument left best for another day.”
More of Emma’s opinion of the Fifty shades trilogy here.
Below the dumplings and buns I ate today, they were delicious!

photos taken with iPhone